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You'll find descriptions of external scholarships and financial aid resources for all higher education students in Canada. Chose your field of study and also don't forget to look at the scholarships available to all programs. We have scholarships for four major fields of study : Engineering, Business, Sciences, Arts, and scholarships applicable to all programs.

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Scholarships can be a great source of funding for your education and a lot of students who could use scholarships are missing out. There are two basic types of scholarships: Internal and External Scholarships.

Internal scholarships are awarded by a university for its own students only. This means that students from other colleges or universities cannot apply for an internal scholarship outside of their own institution. Internal Scholarships are usally marketed properly by the university and departments of the students and do not suffer from lack of applications.
External scholarships are granted by external agencies to students from a specific country or province. These external agencies can be companies, organizations, councils, banks, student chapters etc. Often, external scholarships do not receive a lot of applications because they are not marketed properly and students don't know that they can apply to these scholarships regardless of the colleges or universities they are attending.

This is why Findmyscholarships exists. All of the scholarships on our website are external scholarships. It doesn't matter what university you go to, what country you live in, what program you study or even if you have a low GPA; we have scholarships for everyone! Scholarships are very limited, please apply now !